• 8Mb Residential Standard

    West Connect Residential Standard broadband is perfect for fast reliable day to day internet along with some streaming of music and video or online games. Our install price includes wifi router

    INSTALL: £150      MONTHLY:£32.00
    • 8Mb Download Speed
    • 2Mb Upload Speed
    • Unlimited Data
    • WiFi Included
    • SMS Out Of Hours Support
    • No Contract
  • 12Mb Residential Family

    This package offers enough bandwith to keep the whole family entertained for an incredible low monthy fee of just £42.00. Perfect for Netflix, online gamers, YouTube, Smart TV's and more! No other provider can offer this speed in rural areas. All our packages come with unlimited data so you can be sure of no nasty surprises at the end of the month.

    INSTALL: £150      MONTHLY:£42.00
    • 12Mb Download Speed
    • 4Mb Upload Speed
    • WiFi router included
    • Perfect for families
    • No Contract
  • 25Mb Residential Fibre-Speed

    Our 25M Residential Fibre-Speed is more than twice the speed of any other wireless provider in the north west and doesn't grind to a halt at peak times like other so called 'fast' providers!

    INSTALL: £150      MONTHLY:£55.00
    • 25Mb Download Speed
    • 8Mb Upload Speed
    • Connect multiple devices
    • Real Fibre-Speeds
    • No Phone Line Required
    • No Contract
  • 50Mb Resdidential Fibre-Speed Plus!

    Our fastest residential broadband, Fibre-Speed Plus is seriously fast broadband with 50M download speeds and 15M upload. West Connect is the only supplier to offer these speeds in rural areas with no need for a phone line. As with all our packages, Fibre-Speed Plus is totally unlimited so you are free to download as much as you want when you want.

    INSTALL: £150      MONTHLY:£75.00
    • 50Mb Download Speed
    • 20Mb Upload Speed
    • Online Games
    • Download Movies & Music
    • Perfect For Big Families
    • Available Now!