West connect Coverage

West Connect has a number of base stations situated at strategic high points covering counties Fermanagh, Omagh, Sligo, Leitrim, Donegal, Mayo and Roscommon

In order to receive the West Connect service you must have a clear line of sight from the roof of your property to one of these locations

Our coverage map provides a good indication but can not always take in to account trees, new buildings or other objects that can obstruct the signal.
We have also managed to connect customers in areas that the coverage map shows no coverage for

If you apply for service from us we will then make a number of additional checks including in some cases visiting the property to peform a signal test. If you are in any doubt if your property is covered please contact us on 028 6644 8557 or use the contact button below.

Please note in order to determine if you are able to receive the West Connect service and to book an instalation we will need to locate your property. To do this we will require your Eircode. If you are not sure of this it can be obtained from the Eircode website.