We all know that if a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is...
The same goes for broadband. But unlike buying a new sofa or pair of shoes, with broadband, you have no idea what you are going to get until you have signed up. Then in many cases you find yourself stuck in a 12 month contract.

Prices that are not sustainable...
In reality, it is simply not possible to supply high speed broadband using wireless technology in rural areas in a relaible and sustainable way at prices of £10 or £20 per month as offered by some companies in Northern Ireland. These companies are selling broadband at prices so low that the only way to make it work is try and pile excessive amounts of customers on to each base station with no consideration for speed or quality of service.

Give us your £3000 connection voucher and you can have broadband for £10 per month...
The super connected voucher scheme was administered by local councils in a disgusting way with companies that had no track record, ability to supply or technical competence given thousands of pounds of tax payers money. Some companies offered unsustainable monthly prices just to secure the lump sum from the vouchers with no consideration for how the service could be delivered.


Is your broadband important to you?
Is your broadband important for your business or simply to keep the kids quiet? Either way, why would you go with a company offering the 'cheapest' price just because it's cheap when for less than £1 extra a day you could have fast, reliable, legal broadband from an established company?

Contract FREE
West Connect is so convinced you will stay with us out of choice that we are the ONLY company to supply 100% contract free residential and business broadband in Northern Ireland. West Connect, stay with us because you want to, not because you have signed a contract!